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[BEGINNER GUIDE] How To Change Text In After Effects Templates

Templates for Adobe After Effects are used by video editors create high quality videos in minutes. Project files may be difficult to understand if you're a beginner, so in this guide, we'll show you exactly how to edit, change and customize the text properties in your After Effects template.

January 18, 2023
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How to Customize After Effects Templates Text

An Adobe After Effects template is a pre-made project file that a user can open and use as a starting point for their own project. After Effects templates can be used to create motion graphics, titles, and other effects.

There are a few different ways to change text in After Effects templates. One way is to simply type in the new text you want to use. Another way is to use the Selection tool to select the text you want to change, and then type in the new text. A third way is to use the Type tool to click and drag over the text you want to change, and then type in the new text. Follow the steps below to convert an existing text layer into your own custom text.

To change the text in an after effects template, follow these steps:

1. Open the template in After Effects and select the text layer you want to change.

2. Double-click on the text layer to open the text editing window.

3. Type in your new text and click OK.

4. Save the template and export it as a video file.