1 Simple Trick To Export PNG From After Effects

Here's a simple trick you can use to export a single frame to PNG format from any After Effects composition! This trick could save you lot's of time.

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Adobe After Effects Export Frame As PNG

After Effects is a powerful program for editing videos, designing motion graphics and creating VFX. Just as it's good for making videos, you can also use After Effects to export images. In this short article, we'll go over the process to render a frame in PNG, JPG or other image formats through After Effects.

How To Export A Frame From After Effects

Follow these steps to export an image sequence in after effects. First of all, you'll need to move the playhead to the exact frame to be exported, then open the 'composition' tab located at the top left corner of the screen next to the 'edit' and 'layer' buttons.

Once opened, simply select 'save frame as' > 'file' to open the render queue for the image.

Once in the render queue, select the linked text located besides the 'output to' section. It should read your composition name followed by the file format .psd. Change the format from 'photoshop sequence' to PNG and hit render!

After Effects Export PNG Transparent Background

If you want to export your PNG with a transparent background, this can also be done in After Effects. To do this, simply select 'RGB + Alpha' located under the channels dropdown in the output module settings.

After Effects Export Frame JPG

You can export a frame to JPEG in After Effects by selecting the 'JPEG' option under the format dropdown in the output module settinngs.