5 FCPX Plugins That Will Save HOURS of Editing

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How Do You Get More Effects On Final Cut Pro X?

One way of getting more effects on Final Cut Pro is by installing plugins. Final Cut Pro plugins a piece of software which are usually developed by a third party, can be added to a video editing program to provide additional features or functionality. Final Cut Pro plugins can be used to add extra visual effects, create animated titles, or perform other specific tasks which can't be done at all or as effectively in the standalone software. There are plugins available for nearly every type of video editing requirement, and they help to speed up the video editing process so they also can be a great way to make your workflow more efficient. While some plugins are free, others must be purchased from the developer. When choosing a plugin, it is important to consider its compatibility with your video editing and VFX needs, as well as your level of expertise. rookies may want to stick with simpler plugins, while more experienced editors can explore the capabilities of more advanced plugins. Regardless of your level of expertise, there is a Final Cut Pro plugin out there that can help you take your videos to the next level.

Where do I Get Final Cut Pro Plugins?

Developers such as Motion VFX and AE Juice are the top two creators of plugins compatible with different video editing softwares. Here are the top 5 most downloaded plugins for Final Cut Pro X in 2022!

1. Title Kinetic 2

Title Kinetic 2 by is one of the most popular FCPX plugins ever created by Motion VFX. The pack includes over uniquely designed titles which can be used for all types of projects. By using this plugin, you have fully customizability over each variable. Use the included slider controls to adjust the animation speeds to your liking.

2. Final Cut Pro Plugins Bundle

The FCPX plugin bundle by AE Juice included 17 seperate editing packs combined into a single plugin! Some of the effects included are: cyberpunk effects, liquid transitions, urban style textures and more! It's perfect for freelance video editors who work on all different types of videos.

3. M Keynote with iJustine

Another best seller from Motion VFX, this plugin accurately re-creates popular Apple style animations for text, lower thirds, popups and other on-screen elements for your videos. If you want to replicate a similar animation style to Apple themselves, then this plugin is for you!


Labelled as the "Ultimate Channel Toolbox Designed with MKBHD," this plugin is great for aspiring YouTubers and content creators. Created by MKBHD himself, this plugin includes multiple elements and preset to replicate a similar video editing style to MKBHD.

5. Tracker 3D Area Bundle

Includes a bundle of 5 effect packs valued at over 675! The Tracker 3D bundle is the ESSENTIAL plugin for 2D & 3D motion tracking inside of FCPX!

Bonus - M Transition Mega Pack!

The mTrasniton Mega Pack is an effects pack consisting over 140 assorted transitions which are difficult to create and replicate in the stand alone Final Cut Pro software. By using this bundle, you're getting a huge advantage over other users of Final Cut Pro.