How To Add Audio Track In Premiere Pro (Just 3 SIMPLE Steps)

To create a video or audio track, grab a clip from your timeline, then drag and position it above (for video) or below (for audio) all other tracks. For adding multiple tracks simultaneously, utilize the 'Add Tracks' feature found by right-clicking an empty area in the Timeline panel. This flexibility allows you to place new tracks wherever needed within your timeline, further enhancing your editing workflow.

September 27, 2023
How To Add Audio Track In Premiere Pro (Just 3 SIMPLE Steps)
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Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Track Tutorial

Whenever you try to streamline your workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro, understanding how to add tracks might come in handy. Be it for complex multi-layered edits or straightforward audio enhancements, knowing your way around track creation can significantly speed up your process. So, how about we dive in?

Easily Add a Track in Premiere Pro

Isn't it just great when things are simple and quick? Adding a track in Premiere Pro is just that! To create a new video track, simply grab a video clip from your timeline, drag it above the rest of the video tracks, and voila! The moment you release your mouse, a new video track is born.

Now, what if you want to create an audio track instead? The process is similar but with a twist. Take an audio clip, and instead of dragging it above, drag it below all the audio tracks and the Master track. As you release your mouse, you'll notice a fresh audio track has appeared.

Isn't this process as easy as pie? But let's take it up a notch.

Create Specific Tracks and Add Multiple Tracks at Once

I’d suggest you familiarize yourself with the 'Add Tracks' feature of Premiere Pro if you're leaning towards crafting a more intricate edit. It allows you to add multiple tracks simultaneously and place them wherever you need within your timeline. Here's how:

Right-click on an empty area in the Timeline panel and select the 'Add Tracks' option. A dialog box pops up. Here, you can decide the number of video or audio tracks you want to add and their placement in the timeline.

So, you might as well play around with this feature. It's incredibly versatile, offering options to add tracks on top, below, or anywhere in between existing tracks. Once you're happy with your selections, click 'OK'. And there you have it, your newly created tracks, ready to be populated.

Some Tips and Tricks

While the drag-and-drop method is straightforward, there are nuances that can elevate your editing game:

  1. Layering with Precision: Sometimes, you might want your new track to be somewhere in the middle, not just at the top or bottom. In such cases, hover your clip between the desired tracks, and Premiere Pro will smartly create space for your new track right there.
  2. Multiple Clips, One Go: If you have several clips selected, dragging them will prompt Premiere Pro to create the corresponding number of tracks. It's a nifty trick when dealing with multi-camera setups or layered soundscapes.
  3. Understanding Track Types: Remember, Premiere Pro is discerning. If you drag a video clip, it'll create a video track. Similarly, an audio clip begets an audio track. But what about clips with both video and audio? In such cases, Premiere Pro will create both tracks, aligning them perfectly.


Can you add more audio tracks in Premiere Pro?

Absolutely, you can! In Premiere Pro, adding more audio tracks is a walk in the park. To create a new audio track, you just need to grab an audio clip from your timeline, drag it below all the audio tracks and the Master track, then release your mouse. And just like magic, you've got yourself a new audio track!

How do I import audio only in Premiere Pro?

Let's say you have a killer soundtrack you want to add to your video. It's a breeze to import audio-only in Premiere Pro. Go to the 'File' menu, select 'Import' and then choose your audio file from your computer. After it's imported, you can drag and drop it directly onto your timeline and begin working on your sonic masterpiece. Easy peasy, right?

How do I link audio tracks in Premiere Pro?

Linking audio tracks means connecting video and audio so that when you move one, the other moves too. It's super handy for keeping things synced. To link audio tracks, select the video and audio clips you want to link in your timeline, right-click, and choose 'Link'. Now, those clips will move together as one, like best buddies!

How to delete tracks in premiere pro

Oh, need to get rid of some clutter? No problem! If you want to delete a track in Premiere Pro, simply right-click on the track header (that's the part on the far left of your timeline where you can see the track's name), and choose 'Delete Tracks'. Make sure you're choosing the right one, though, because once it's gone, it's gone!