How To Sell At - Make THOUSANDS Each Month!

To start selling your footage on Artgrid, click the "Start Now" button at the bottom of their 'Become a Filmmaker' page and ensure you meet all their requirements, including having full rights and necessary releases for your footage. By joining Artgrid, you not only tap into a new revenue stream but also retain full rights to your work, expand your reach, and become part of a creative community of high-end filmmakers.

September 11, 2023
How To Sell At - Make THOUSANDS Each Month!
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Before you continue, I'm going to make this clear: I am not getting paid by Artgrid to promote their artist program. This is my genuine opinion, based on personal experience as well as their key benefits mentioned on their site.

Sell Your Footage To Artgrid

Selling your footage on Artgrid can be a great way to monetize your work and reach a wider audience. Here's a breakdown of the process and the benefits:

  1. Visit the Page: Go to Artgrid's Become a Filmmaker page.
  2. Click "Start Now": You'll find a "Start Now" button at the bottom of the page. Click on it to begin the process.
  3. Meet the Requirements: Before you can sell your footage, make sure you meet the following prerequisites:
  4. You have full rights to the footage.
  5. You have all the necessary releases for models and properties featured in the footage.
  6. The footage is not under exclusivity with another platform.

Benefits of Selling on Artgrid

Incase you're still not convinced, here are just some of the benefits.

  1. Keep Your Rights: You maintain the rights to your footage and are not bound by exclusivity, allowing you to share it elsewhere.
  2. Revenue: Tap into a new revenue stream by joining the growing footage licensing market.
  3. Inspire: Your story-driven footage can inspire filmmakers around the world.
  4. Your Stories, Your Way: You have control over how your footage is presented on the platform, allowing you to tell a story rather than just offering random clips.
  5. Expand Your Reach: Gain more followers on your social and streaming channels as your footage gains recognition in various projects worldwide.
  6. Creative Community: Become part of a select group of high-end filmmakers by distributing your footage through one of the top licensing platforms.

How much does Artgrid pay filmmakers?

Depending on how many video submit and the number of downloads has, you can make upwards of $2000 per month selling footage on Artgrid. This video below has more on that: