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Motion Array vs Envato Elements | 6 CRUCIAL Differences

Don't know whether to choose Envato Elements or Motion Array? Read about our non-subjective discoveries on both websites to help you decide which subscription to buy!

November 13, 2022
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Motion Array Comparison Against Envato Elements Video Templates

Motion Array and Envato Elements are both fantastic sources for professional video editing templates designed for all major video editing softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve. On either of these platforms, you can find templates, preset packs and project files for all sorts of videos ranging from slideshows to lower thirds. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it on either Motion Array or Envato Elements.

While both platforms provide plenty of high quality assets, how do you know which one is worth paying for? Well, we've tried and tested both brands to provide you with a comprehensive analysis on each video template website.

Partnership Disclosure - is partnered with both Envato Elements & Motion Array. We receive roughly the same amount of remittance from both websites. Subsequently, our opinions are 100% unbiased.

About Motion Array

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Users of the membership-based website Motion Array get access to a constantly expanding collection of royalty-free stock video footage, motion graphics templates, After Effects plugins, and other resources. Motion Array provides its users with access to a huge collection of resources as well as savings on third-party video software and hardware. Motion Array is the #2 most popular video template in the world, following Envato Elements. Considering the fact that it's a more recent project, Motion Array is already receiving approximately 800K monthly visitors according to Similarweb.

What Is Motion Array Used For?

In addition to providing users with access to millions of royalty-free stock video footage clips, Artgrid also offers an ever-growing library of ready-made video editing templates on Motion Array. Whether you need an animated logo for your YouTube channel or a lower third graphic for your corporate videos, odds are good that you'll find just what you're looking for in the Motion Array template library. And don't worry if there aren't any templates out there that are suitable for your purposes; you can always develop your own from scratch utilising one of the many user-friendly tools available to you as part of your Motion Array membership. Motion Array can provide any type of motion graphics you require for your project.

Motion Array Alternatives

The main alternative to Motion Array is Envato Elements. But did you know there are also other similar websites such as VidEvo?

Motion Array Pricing

Is motion array free? There is an everlasting discount going on where you can receive up to 3 months ($50 worth) of Motion Array Subscription for FREE when purchased through a partner, which can be done here. Once the discount is applied, the total cost of Motion Array goes down to just $200 a year or $16.67 a month.

About Envato Elements

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Envato Elements is a valuable resource for both experienced video editors and those just getting started with their first project. Similarly to Motion Array, Envato Elements is a membership-based website that provides users with access to an ever-growing library of royalty-free stock video footage, video editing templates and more,

What Is Envato Elements Used For?

Envato Elements provides 70,00+ templates for all major video editing softwares. As well as this, Envato Elements also has a collection of uder-submittedd stock footage.

Finding top-notch video content is one of the most time-consuming (and expensive) steps in creating a video production. It's all too easy, if you're not diligent, to spend hours (or even days) searching through stock footage websites only to discover that the films you need either don't exist or are unreasonably expensive.

That's never an issue with Envato Elements. No matter what type of video you're creating, you're sure to discover the ideal clip among the site's enormous collection of royalty-free stock video footage. The best part is that you can use as much (or as little) of the video on Envato Elements as you'd like without worrying about accruing costly fees. All of the footage on Motion Array is royalty-free under a single monthly payment of just $16.

Motion Array vs Envato Elements- How Much Does Subscription Cost?

Envato Elements subscription costs $16.50 a month whereas the pricing for Motion Array is slightly more flexible. If you choose to pay annually, Motion Array will cost you $16.50 a month (with the $50 discount applied). But if you choose to pay monthly, the same service will cost $30 a month.

Here's where the hidden perks com in. In addition to providing its members with access to an ever-growing library of resources, Motion Array also offers exclusive discounts on third-party video software and hardware purchases. For example,Motion Array members get 20% off all new Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions—a savings of over $60 per year! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you frequently find yourself needing to purchase video editing software or other related tools and equipment, then a Motion Array membership could easily pay for itself many times over thanks to the significant discounts offered on these kinds of purchases.

Motion Array vs Envato Elements Library

Envato Elements contains around 70,000 templates. The exact quantity of elements available on Motion Array remains unknown. A rough estimation for the total amount of downloadable items on Motion Array is somewhere in the vicinity of 50,000. Although there are less items on on Motion Array when compared to Envato elements, they both provide the similar templates with regard to quality and variety. Keep in mind that Motion Array is a lot newer then Elements and is growing at a rapid pace.

In terms of quality, we tested at least 100 different projects to discover that both are just about the same. Although we did notice that a few templates from the Premiere Pro section of Envato Elements had some minor discrepancies between the template preview and the actual project file - although this only occured in about 3 out of over 43 individually tested templates.

Motion Array vs Envato Elements - Which Is Better?

The big question you've been waiting for: which is better? Motion Array or Envato Elements? Based on our comparisons, we believe that Motion Array is the better option for those who are on a tight budget whereas Envato Elements is for those who are willing to spend more in the long term. But how do you know which one is for you? Well, that depends on the type of videos you create as well as your expertise in video production. If you're more experienced and are looking for single use templates for individual elements such as lower thirds and/or text intros, we'd highly recommend Motion Array as you'll be able to find more of these types of templates on there. If you're seeking complete videos that only require minor adjustment and placeholder replacement, Envato Elements would be ideal, especially if you're a freelance video editor who works on multiple different types of projects. That's because Envato Elements has plenty of complete project files for full-length videos rather than individual sections and elements for making your own video from scratch.