Placeit Free Trial - How To Try Placeit For FREE In 2024!

Placeit does not offer a free trial plan of any sort, however they do allow you to download a large collection of free individual assets. Keep reading to learn more about this.

April 9, 2024
Placeit Free Trial - How To Try Placeit For FREE In 2024!
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What Is Placeit & What Can Be Done With It?

Placeit is essentially an online that let's you create a wide range of digital designs and marketing materials without needing specialized graphic design skills. It's designed to be intuitive, allowing users to produce professional-grade mockups, logos, videos, and designs with minimal effort. The core of Placeit's utility lies in its vast library of templates, which can be customized to suit a variety of needs.

For instance, when it comes to mockups, the platform offers an extensive range of scenarios where your design can be showcased. Whether it's apparel, digital devices, or print materials, Placeit enables you to insert your design into realistic settings. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to create product shots without the need for a photoshoot. By simply uploading your design, you can see it come to life on a t-shirt, smartphone, or billboard in seconds.

When it comes to logo creation, Placeit stands out by offering a plethora of templates tailored to different industries. This is a game-changer for startups and small businesses that require a professional logo but may not have the budget for a designer. The process is straightforward: select a template, customize it with your business name and preferred colors, and download the finished product. It's a seamless way to achieve brand identity.

Video content creation is another area where Placeit proves invaluable. The platform provides templates for promotional videos, intros, and social media stories, catering to the growing demand for video marketing. Users can select a template, customize text, images, and music to create engaging content that resonates with their audience. This functionality is crucial for marketers looking to capture attention in a crowded digital landscape.

Moreover, Placeit caters to niche markets, such as gaming. Streamers and gamers can find everything they need to brand their channels, from logos to overlays and intro videos. This specificity ensures that users can create assets that not only look professional but also align with their personal or brand identity.

Designs That Can Be Made With Placeit

Depiction of the different applications ranging from apparel mockups to digital device mockups, logo design, social media content, video content, print materials, gaming assets, branding kits, book covers, and product labels and packaging.

Here's a list of things that can be created with Placeit.

  1. Apparel Mockups: Users can create mockups for t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. For example, a clothing brand launching a new line can use Placeit to showcase their designs on different apparel items across various models and settings without a physical photoshoot.
  2. Digital Device Mockups: This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. A tech company releasing a new app can generate mockups displaying their app on different devices, illustrating how the app looks and functions on a phone screen or a laptop.
  3. Logo Design: From restaurants to tech startups, users can design logos tailored to their industry. A coffee shop, for instance, can create a logo featuring a coffee cup icon with their shop's name in a stylish font, perfectly capturing their brand's essence.
  4. Social Media Content: This encompasses posts, stories, and ads for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A digital marketer aiming to promote a seasonal sale might use Placeit to craft eye-catching Instagram stories that highlight discounts and featured products.
  5. Video Content: Including promotional videos, product demos, and intros/outros for YouTube channels. A fitness trainer could produce a short promotional video showcasing their online coaching services, complete with dynamic text overlays and compelling call-to-actions.
  6. Print Materials: Such as business cards, flyers, and posters. An event organizer could design a series of posters for an upcoming music festival, featuring vibrant visuals and essential event details, ready to be printed and distributed.
  7. Gaming Assets: Gamers and streamers can create logos, Twitch overlays, and YouTube intro videos. A Twitch streamer might design a custom overlay that includes live chat, webcam frame, and social media handles, enhancing their stream's visual appeal and interactivity.
  8. Branding Kits: For comprehensive brand identity development, including logos, business cards, and social media headers. A freelance graphic designer could use Placeit to offer branding packages to clients, efficiently producing a cohesive visual identity across multiple touchpoints.
  9. Book Covers: Authors and publishers can design covers for their ebooks or print publications. An indie author might create a captivating book cover for their latest fantasy novel, featuring an enchanting landscape and stylized title font.
  10. Product Labels and Packaging: Small businesses can design labels for products like cosmetics, food items, and beverages. A craft brewery launching a new beer could design a label that reflects the beer's unique flavor profile and brand personality.
  11. + More!

How To Try Placeit For FREE!

Mockup creation with placeit.

In my experience with Placeit, leveraging its free assets has been a game-changer for many of my projects, especially when budget constraints are tight. Placeit, as you might already know, doesn't offer a traditional free trial per se. Instead, it provides a selection of free templates across various categories. This approach allows users to explore and utilize a wide range of tools without any financial commitment.

Free Mockups

For mockups, Placeit's library is quite extensive. I've found that even within the free options, there's a good variety of templates available. This has allowed me to create professional-looking product shots that seriously elevate the presentation of designs. The quality of these mockups is something Placeit takes pride in, and it shows, even in the free templates.


When it comes to logos, the platform offers more than 90 free templates. This is particularly useful for startups or individual projects where you're looking to create a visual identity without investing heavily. These templates, while slightly limited compared to premium options, still offer a high degree of customization. This flexibility has been crucial in developing brand identities for various projects.

Miscellaneous Designs

Design templates are another area where Placeit shines. The platform provides a substantial number of free design templates that are fully customizable. This has been invaluable for creating unique designs for social media posts, promotional materials, and more. The ability to download these designs in vectorized formats adds another layer of utility, ensuring high-quality outputs for print and digital use.

Video Creation

Video creation with Placeit has also been a straightforward process, thanks to the free video templates available. These templates cover a range of needs, from social media content to business presentations. The ease of customization, including the ability to add your own images, logos, and music, makes it possible to produce professional videos without prior video editing experience.

FREE Templates Added Each Month

Lastly, Placeit updates its free templates monthly, which means there's always something new to explore. This regular refresh has been beneficial for keeping content fresh and engaging without additional costs.

Benefits Of A Paid Subscription

World's largest mockup library

A paid Placeit subscription unlocks a plethora of features and assets that significantly enhance the capability to create high-quality branding and marketing materials. Here’s what subscribers gain access to:

  • Unlimited Downloads: Subscribers can download an unlimited number of mockups, design templates, and videos. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals who require a variety of digital assets regularly.
  • Extensive Template Library: With a subscription, users get access to Placeit’s entire library of over 29,000 templates, including mockups, logos, videos, and designs. This vast selection ensures that you can find the perfect template for almost any project.
  • High-Resolution Downloads: All downloads come in high resolution, which is essential for professional-quality prints and digital content.
  • Commercial License: Downloads come with a commercial license, allowing you to use your creations for commercial, marketing, or advertising purposes without any additional fees or restrictions.
  • Regular Updates: Placeit’s content library is updated daily, ensuring subscribers have access to the latest and most relevant templates.


Placeit pricing + included benefits: The largest mockup library online  Designs crafted by professionals  Fully customizable logos  Ready to use video templates  100,000+ exclusive designs, music and photo assets  Commercial Usage  High Resolution

Placeit offers two main subscription plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $14.95 USD per month
  • Annual Subscription: $119.88 USD per year, which offers significant savings over the monthly plan (annual plan equates to just $9.99 a month).
  • + Individual pricing options for individual downloads.

These subscriptions are non-lock-in contracts, allowing you to cancel anytime.

Converting from Free to Paid Plan

Upgrading from a free to a paid plan on Placeit is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log In: Sign into your Placeit account.
  2. Navigate to Pricing: Go to the pricing page directly or find the pricing option in the account menu.
  3. Choose Your Plan: Select either the monthly or annual subscription plan.
  4. Complete Payment: Enter your payment details and complete the checkout process.

Once the payment is processed, your account will be upgraded immediately, giving you unlimited access to all of Placeit’s premium features and assets.