Download RSMB For After Effects In 2024 - Free Visuals

RSMB - one of the most popular plugins used by editors of all softwares including After Effects. It's versatile, effective and absolutely essential for designing speed ramping transitions! Find out how to get it for After Effects today.

March 13, 2024
Download RSMB For After Effects In 2024 - Free Visuals
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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RSMB After Effects

RSMB is a third party software extension compatible with Adobe After Effects amongst other programs. It's used in all sorts of videos from motion graphic presentations to videos shot in real life. With respect to its versatility in different forms of video production, RSMB is one of the most popular plugins after Saphire & AEjuice.

In this article, we'll explain the use cases of RSMB before comparing the best place to download the plugin for the best price.

Download Regular Version
Download Pro Version
Download RSMB Alternative

The alternative pack contains motion blur settings and an extension that let's you drag and drop each transition into your timeline. NO further adjustment needed!

What Is The RSMB (Reelsmart Motion Blur) Plugin?

Applies natural-looking motion blur by automatically tracking every pixel

Reel smart motion blur (commonly mistaken as real smart motion blur) is a video editing plugin that adds realistic and life-like motion blur to your footage. RSMB eliminates the need to manually apply, adjust and test motion blur settings for your video, making it easy to customize each action shot with just a few clicks. The plugin's user-friendly interface ensures that users can apply the motion blur effect efficiently and effectively, even for those who have limited experience with using programs such as DaVinci Resolve, After Effects or any other program that can run RSMB.

What does RSMB Pro do?

The pro version of RSMB offers five additional functions beyond those available in the regular version, making it a more comprehensive and feature-rich plugin. Those 5 functions are:

Object Separation

This applies motion blur in 3D by separating the foreground elements from the background using a pre-made matte of each layer. It can even apply motion blur to background layers even when they are blocked by the foreground. Keep in mind that no software including DaVinci Resolve & After Effects is able to do this natively, especially without the need to manually mask out foreground elements.

Precise Blurring Application With Motion Vector Input

It's not a commonly used term in video editing so in case you didn't know, motion vectors are just data points that represent the movement of objects in your video scene - almost like keyframes but for specific elements which occur in your video. By analyzing these vectors, RSMB Pro can apply a blur effect that follows the motion of these objects.

RGB+A Tracking

With RGB+A Tracking, video editors can use alpha channels to manage masked and keyed images. This function is especially useful if you need to manipulate or edit complex images quickly with precision.

Track Point Guidance

This allows users to define up to 12 tracking points per frame to guide the motion estimation calculations done by RSMB Pro. So in other words, you basically tell the program exactly where you want motion blur and how much of it should be applied.  The only disadvantage if the fact that it's a manual process, meaning it could take some time to get laser-precise motion blur in your shots.

Spline Guidance

In some instances, RSMB may experience tracking issues that can cause unwanted artifacts and visual inconsistencies in the motion blur effect.

To address these tracking issues, RSMB offers a unique feature that allows users to create and animate shapes that illustrate the actual movement of objects in the footage. These shapes can be used to guide RSMB's motion estimation calculations, resulting in more accurate and precise motion blur.

It's without a doubt the most overlooked function of RSMB Pro, Spline Guidance has the power to eliminate any tracking issue you may face when applying motion blur to your footage.

How much does RSMB cost?

The price of RSMB varies depending on which video editing program you intend to use it on. As of March 2023, the prices are:

  • The cost of RSMB v5 for HitFilm and Natron is $89.95 for the regular version and $149.95 for the Pro version.  Like mentioned above, these versions provide advanced features and functionality, including the ability to use tracking points to guide motion estimation and shape animation to address tracking problems.
  • For Nucoda, the cost of RSMB v5 is $189.95. This version is designed specifically for Nucoda users and offers advanced capabilities, including the ability to use tracking points, adjust motion vectors, and control the strength of motion blur.
  • For Resolve users, the cost of RSMB v5 is $89.95. This version offers advanced motion blur capabilities and features, including tracking points and shape animation.
  • For After Effects and any other program, the price comes to $161.45.

RSMB Download

Download RSMB & RSMB Pro on ToolFarm (for After Effects users)

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RSMB Plugin After Effects Free Download

You can download a free demo/trial version of RSMB through ToolFarm. The demo version is limited in function and will not be able to apply the same quality of motion blur as the paid version.