[2024] How To Show All Keyframes In After Effects

Here's how you display all keyframes in your After Effects Composition - Just press the 'U' key on your keyboard.

December 18, 2023
[2024] How To Show All Keyframes In After Effects
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Viewing All Keyframes In An After Effects Composition

As an ardent user of Adobe After Effects, I'm always thrilled to share tips and tricks that have been valuable in my journey, particularly to those who are at the early stages of exploring this powerful tool. If you're familiar with creating basic animations through keyframes but haven't yet discovered how to view all keyframes at once, then this article is for you. Being able to display all keyframes in your composition can significantly streamline your workflow, and the good news is—it's super simple!

Displaying All Keyframes - Tutorial

You've been meticulously setting keyframes for different properties on your layers, but as the number of keyframes increases, keeping track of them all can become a challenge. Fortunately, After Effects has a handy feature that allows you to display all keyframes in your composition in one go. Here's how:

  1. Activate the Timeline Panel: Click anywhere within the Timeline panel. This is where all your layers and their corresponding keyframes are listed.
  2. Press 'U' on Your Keyboard: Once the Timeline panel is active, press the 'U' key. Instantly, all the keyframes across all properties and layers in your composition will be displayed.

Displaying All Modified Keyframes

Often, you'll want to review all the keyframes you've tweaked, either to check the changes you've made or to adjust them further. To do this, After Effects provides a similar, easy-to-use feature:

  1. Ensure the Timeline Panel is Active: If not already active, click on the Timeline panel again.
  2. Press 'U' Twice on Your Keyboard: With the Timeline panel active, hit the 'U' key twice in quick succession ('UU'). All the keyframes you've modified in your composition will now be visible.


There you have it—an effortless way to view all keyframes and all modified keyframes in your composition. This simple yet powerful feature can greatly enhance your productivity, making your animation workflow smoother and more efficient. Keep experimenting with After Effects, and you'll continue to discover features and techniques that empower you to create more complex and compelling animations.