Top 10 BEST Sony Vegas Templates Of 2024!

Browse and download 10 of the BEST Sony Vegas Pro templates, overlays and presets! This list contains high quality video editing assets for those who want to take their video creation to the next level!

November 5, 2023
Top 10 BEST Sony Vegas Templates Of 2024!
"Video editors relying on templates lack genuine skill and creativity."

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"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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Vegas Pro Templates & Presets

Magix Vegas templates and presets are very useful for creating high quality videos on a shorter timespan even if you're just a beginner. These templates are fully customizable inside of Sony Vegas. You can change text, images, videos, animations, effects properties such as color and intensity and so much more! With these paid and free sony vegas templates, you have full control over what the end result looks like.

Sony Vegas Intro Templates 3D

These intro templates are perfect for YouTubers. They feature 3D elements and textures. Some may require external 3D plugins to open them up in Vegas Pro.

Sony Vegas Bundle

The Vegas Pro nundle created by popular After Effects plugin developer; AEJuice, is an all time best seller! USed by 1000s of editors worldwide, this paci features versatile elements which are compatible with all editing styles.

mLeaks Prism

this bundle included 50 HD light leak elements for all types of footage.

Stream Overlays Elements Bundle

These live stream overlay elements include boxes and custom-designed animations for Twitch and YouTube streamers. Perfect for gamers who want to display different content and camera angles on the screen.

Elemental 2D FX pack

The Elemental 2D fx pack includes over 5 categories of HD 2D cartoon inspired effects. Check out the demo video on their product page to see how eye-catching these effects really are!

Free Template For Vegas Text

This free vegas text template allows you to create cool typography designs and animations.

Light Leaks and Bokehs Vol 1

Another VideoHive bestseller! This light leak and bokeh pack is great for adding an extra touch of warmth and color to your video.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 Templates

Compatible with all versions of Sony Vegas, these LUTS are designed to improve the color of your footage.

Sony Vegas Pro 10 Intro Templates Free Download

Another great intro template for vegas! Featuring special 3D text with light burst elements surrounding it. You can easily edit the color to display anything you like.

Sony Vegas Pro Free Text Templates

There are several other Sony Vegas text template available on other websites. If you choose to use a more popular and advanced software such as Adobe After Effects, you can see some of our best picks here. These templates are much more versatile and complex yet easier to use compared to their Sony Vegas counterparts.

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