Topaz Labs vs After Effects 2024 - FULL Comparison

Topaz Labs can improve the quality of videos more effectively than After Effects. The Topaz Labs Video AI Tool is the better option if you're only interested in video enhancement. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of Topaz Labs and After Effects to make an informed decision on which to choose.

February 28, 2024
Topaz Labs vs After Effects 2024 - FULL Comparison
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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Topaz Labs and Adobe After Effects are two popular softwares which can be used to improve the quality of a video in different ways. Topaz Labs' AI-powered video tool is solely dedicated to video enhancement, whereas After Effects is a comprehensive video animation and VFX software that also has the ability to do some video enhancements without the use of third-party plugins. The video enhancements that can be done in After Effects will require manual work, whereas Topaz Labs' software is almost fully automated. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the user's specific needs and requirements. In this post, we'll provide comparisons between different types of video enhancements done on After Effects and Topaz Labs to show you what Topaz Labs is really capable of doing.

After Effects vs Topaz Labs - Comparing Videos Enhanced Using The Two Programs

While both After Effects and Topaz Labs offer high quality video enhancement capabilities, the main difference is that Topaz Labs uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically fix issues in your video, while After Effects requires manual control over the process. Whether you prefer manual control or prefer to let the software do the work, both tools have the ability to turn your low-quality video into a piece of footage that almost looks like it was recorded on a cinema camera.

Here is a comparison between the video enhancement capabilities between After Effects and Topaz Labs' AI Video Tool. Keep in mind that After Effects does require certain plugins and manual work to achieve the results below.

Video Upscaling

Video upscaling is the process of converting low-resolution video footage into a higher-resolution format. Both After Effects and Topaz Labs offer upscaling capabilities, making it possible to enhance the quality of your videos with whichever one you choose.


Deinterlacing is like giving your old footage a facelift! It's a process that takes interlaced video and converts it into a smooth, non-interlaced format that looks great on modern screens.

Both After Effects and Topaz Labs have got you covered when it comes to deinterlacing. In After Effects, simply apply the Deinterlace effect and watch those jagged lines disappear. Topaz Labs' Video Enhance AI plugin also has got your back, using cutting-edge AI algorithms to give your footage a polished and professional look.

Motion Interpolation (Ultra Smooth Slow Motion)

Motion interpolation refers to the process of creating new frames between existing frames in a video, effectively increasing the frame rate and creating smoother, more fluid motion. The only issue is that the RSMB (real smooth motion blur) plugin is used in After Effects to achieve this look. The plugin will cost an additional $161.

Shake Stabilization

Shake stabilization can be done to completely eliminate or reduce the camera movement in videos, making them look like they were recorded with assistance from a tripod or gimbal. Note: Rendering time with shake stabilization on Topaz Labs has been reported to be far more time consuming than After Effects.

Topaz Labs User Feedback From Reddit

According to the existing users of either programs, it seems as though Topaz Labs is a more superior option for all aspects of video enhancements, although a few GPU-related issues have been reported.

More Questions? U/smushkan Answers Them All

Scroll down to U/smushkan's comment in this reddit thread to read his honest answer on some of the commonly asked questions asked by people who are considering purchasing Topaz Labs.

Pricing - Another Key Factor To consider

Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs' Video AI Tool costs a one-time payment of $249 USD as of January 2023 but the regular price is $300. Included in the package are all the tools and resources needed to enhance quality at high resolution, improve frame blending for slow-mo, and stabilize footage. It works for any video and requires only a little human-input to do the task. As seen in the comparison section above, Topaz Labs is far more effective at enhancing videos when compared to After Effects, making the $249 worth it. If you're still unsure, Topaz actually let's you try the software for free but you won't be able to export anything you create under the free plan.

After Effects

After Effects can only be used on a monthly subscription of $22 USD per month, making it more expensive than Topaz Labs in the long term (if you only plan on using it for video enhancement). On top of that, After Effects will be more time consuming and like we mentioned above, you'll also need to pay for certain plugins to do certain enhancements such as RSMB for slow-motion. After Effects also isn't just a video enhancement program, it's a comprehensive video animating and compositing software. With After Effects, you also get features like video effects, compositing tools, keyframe animation and more! So if you're looking for all-round video production, then After Effects is your best bet.

If you're only interested in the video enhancement capabilities, then Topaz Labs is a far better option than After Effects.

Conclusion - Choose Topaz Labs Only If Video Enhancement Is Your Only Necessity

Can Adobe After Effects really compare to Topaz Labs in terms of video enhancement capabilities? From our experience, that answer is no. While After Effects is highly proficient in enhancing inferior video properties, it cannot do so as quickly to the same quality standard as Topaz Labs. Another reason as to why After Effects is the least desirable option is due to the fact that manual work is required on top of additional plugins to achieve the same (if not lower quality) outcome as Topaz Labs.