ULTIMATE List Of 40+ Premiere Pro Plugins In 2024

We looked at over 24 plugin packs for Adobe Premiere Pro and narrowed it down to 10 top most downloaded to help you find the right one.

Our Favorite
adobe premiere pro plugin pack
Premiere Pro Bundle

This pack contains 36 effect bundles combined into one HUGE plugin for Premiere Pro!

Most Versatile
adobe premiere pro plugin pack

100+ on-screen elements inspired by Apple's animation style and designs.

Most Popular
adobe premiere pro plugin pack

Made in collaboration with MKBHD. This plugin is the ultimate channel toolkit for YouTubers!

adobe premiere pro plugin pack

35 cinema inspired color grading presets for beginners and professionals.


Download All Plugins For Adobe Premiere Pro

Have you been searching through 100s of Premiere Pro plugins looking for the right one for you? Do you wish you had a comprehensive list of the best plugins all in one place? Look no further because we've put together a list of the most essential plugins for Premiere Pro

As video production experts, we've compiled this list of the most popular Premiere Pro plugins that are used by almost every professional video editor, including ourselves. Whether you are a freelance video editor, a budding filmmaker, or a video production company owner, these plugins are a must-have in your video production workflow.

What Are Premiere Pro Plugins?

A Premiere Pro plugin is a software program that extends the functionality of a video editing application. By adding new features or improving existing ones, plugins can help to make the video editing process more efficient and effective. There are a wide variety of plugins available, from simple utilities to complex tools designed for specific tasks. Most popular plugins are developed by large third party developers such as Motion VFX, while others are created by independent third party developers on their own. When choosing a plugin, it is important to consider its usefulness and versatility with the type of videos you intend to create with the plugin. With that being said, here are the top 5 best plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro in 2022!

Here's Why We Think Premiere Pro Plugins Are Important for Video Editing

Premiere Pro plugins are essential for elevating the quality of your video editing. They add extra functionality and features to Premiere Pro that can save you time and effort. With the right plugins, you can achieve professional-level editing without having to spend hours learning complicated techniques.

By incorporating the right plugins into your editing workflow, you can:

  • Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Add special effects to your videos without the need for expensive software.
  • Enhance the visual appeal of your videos with color grading tools.
  • Improve audio quality with advanced sound design plugins.
  • Speed up your editing workflow with powerful organizational tools.

adobe premiere pro plugin pack

1. Premiere Pro Plugins Pack By AEJuice

One of the most popular Third-party plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro. This pack contains 36 effect bundles combined into one HUGE plugin for Premiere Pro!

  • Easy to use
  • Over 93,000 users
  • Has everything you need to edit like a professional inside of PR

2. M Keynote

100+ on-screen elements inspired by Apple's animation style and designs.

  • Neat and clean animations
  • Asortment of over 100 elements
adobe premiere pro plugin pack


Editing kit inspired by MKBHD

  • Perfect for YouTubers and content creators
  • Made and used by MKBHD
adobe premiere pro plugin pack

4. M LUT Cine

35 cinema inspired color grading presets for beginners and professionals.

  • Easy to use LUTs
  • Color grade footage in just one click

5. Red Giant Universe

Red Giant Universe is a collection of over 80 visually stunning plugins that can transform your videos with ease. From retro VHS effects to advanced glows and lens flares, Red Giant Universe has got it all.


6. Boris FX Sapphire

Boris FX Sapphire is a popular plugin that offers advanced visual effects, such as lens flares, glows, and transitions. It also comes with over 270 presets, making it easy to add professional-level effects to your videos.


7. Video Copilot Element 3D

Video Copilot Element 3D is a 3D object and particle render engine for After Effects and Premiere Pro. This plugin allows you to create stunning 3D animations and effects that will take your videos to the next level.


8. FilmConvert Pro

FilmConvert Pro is a color grading plugin that can give your videos a cinematic look and feel. With over 19 film stocks to choose from, you can achieve the perfect look for your project.


9. Neat Video

Neat Video is a noise reduction plugin that can improve the overall quality of your videos. It uses advanced algorithms to remove noise and grain from your footage, resulting in a cleaner and sharper image.

adobe premiere pro plugin pack

10. M Leaks Prism

Plugin consisting of over 50 unique light leak overlay effects.

  • Resizable 4K UHD 
  • Works well with other coloring plugins such as M LUT Cine
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Does Premiere Pro have plugins?

Yes, Premiere Pro certainly has a wide variety of plugins available made for beginners and professionals! It can take a while to sift through every single one of them, but you're sure to find some really useful ones. With Premiere Pro's plugins, you can get access to many powerful tools that drastically improve your workflow process. Whether it be color correctors, sound design tools or tracking enhancement - there is definitely something here for everyone.

How do I add plugins to Premiere Pro?

To add plugins to Adobe Premiere Pro, simply open the installation wizard for the specific plugin and follow the steps to add it to your program. You will need to close any instance of Premiere Pro while installing a plugin, and open it back up again once the plugin is fully installed. Some plugins may also require you to restart your device once installation is complete.

Where Is The Premiere Pro plugins list?

The top 5 most downloaded plugins for 2022 are the M Leaks Prism, M LUT Cine, MKBHD, M Keynote and the AEJuice Premiere Pro bundle. These plugins are used by thousands of Premiere Pro editors each day. Download and try them out to see for yourself why they're so popular!

How do I get free plugins for Premiere Pro?

There are several free and paid plugins available for Adobe Premiere Pro. Check the Premiere Pro plugins page to find some of the best ones. You can download any of these plugins directly from the developer and use them straight away inside of Premiere Pro.