6+ NEW Double Exposure After Effects Templates

Here are 22 of the BEST templates for creating the double exposure look in Adobe After Effects. With just a few clicks and a mask over your original footage, these templates can help you achieve the exact double exposure look you're trying to create.

January 22, 2024
6+ NEW Double Exposure After Effects Templates
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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After Effects Double Exposure Templates

Double exposure is a popular technique that combines two images or videos to create a mesmerizing effect. However, creating this effect manually in After Effects can be time-consuming and requires advanced skills. Thankfully, there are numerous After Effects double exposure templates available that can simplify the process.

If you’re a regular After Effects user who's keeping up with the latest trends, you’ve probably noticed the double exposure effect which has become increasingly popular over the past few months. There's a good reason for it's rising admiration, although it looks like a complicated effect, it's really not difficult to make it yourself, even if you're a beginner.

In this post, we'll go through how you can create this effect in After Effects on your own, and by using a template.

Double Exposure After Effects Tutorial

Before you download any of these templates, you may want to consider learning how the double exposure effect works.

  1. Separate your foreground and background layer in your composition timeline.
  2. Remove the background from your foreground layer. This can be done manually using the masking or roto brush tool, or by keying out certain colors.
  3. In your composition settings, toggle the Track Matte of the background layer to alpha matte the the foreground layer.
  4. Customize! Use mask and gradients to enhance the look of your double exposure effect.

Double Exposure After Effects Template Free Download


For a clean and simple effect, try this template that blends two minimalist images together. It's is 100% free to download for those who have an Envato subscription (which is also free if you're new). You can also add any extra effects underneath or over it. If you're stuck for ideas, try starting with rain or water effects.

Double Exposure Effect Download


Create a nostalgic and vintage vibe with this template that includes film scratches and sepia tones. This double exposure effect generator can be sued to quickly and easily create the double exposure appearance for any video or image.

Double Exposure Slideshow


Get creative with this template that includes a variety of artistic styles, from sketch to watercolor to oil paint. It's perfect for cityscape footage and blends urban scenes and textures to create a gritty and edgy effect. Featuring smooth transition animations, text slides and more, the double exposure slideshow template includes more than just a double exposure maker. Included in the project file is a full-length slideshow, so you can make intros and presentations using your own footage and text!

Double Exposure Opener Template


Another best-seller from MotionVFX. You can use this template to create intros and trailers for podcasts, films, YouTube videos or anything in-between! This template also adds a painterly touch to your project with watercolor textures and brush strokes.

Double Exposure Black Screen Video Download


For a bold and dramatic effect, try this template that includes ink splatters and abstract shapes. It's easy to use as it doesn't require any masking. The color-free liquid effects are also included so you can make your own videos with them.

17+ More Double Exposure After Effects Template!

With so many unique variations of the double exposure effect available for After Effects, we can't fit them all on one list. Check out some of the best project files from the sources below.

Double exposure on Envato
Double exposure on VideoHive
Double exposure on Motion Array

Double Exposure Video Effect FAQ

What Is The Effect Of Double Exposure?

In video production, a double exposure effect is achieved by combining two exposures into a single, masked video layer which results in an eye-pleasing visual. When done correctly, the final result should appear as if the background video or image is being displayed within the edges of a transparent foreground layer.

Can You Do Double Exposure On Video?

Double exposure effects can easily be done on video. Take a look at the steps above to create the double exposure look in After Effects, or use one of the featured templates to re-create this effect in just a few clicks!

Final Thoughts On These Double Exposure Video Templates

With this set of 5 and 17 bonus After Effects double exposure templates, you can effortlessly add a unique and captivating element to your video projects. It doesn't matter if you are looking for an abstract design or a nature-inspired scene, there will be a template on this list to suit every project. Take your video projects to the next level with double exposure and try out these templates today. Experience the magic of double exposure in your videos and impress your audience with your creativity!