15 BEST After Effects Plugins That Will Save HOURS Of Editing!

Here are the most downloaded and BEST After Effects Plugins of 2022! Each with unique functionality, these cheap AE plugins will help you to create the visuals you've dreamed of. The best part is, these top plugins for After Effects are easy to use, even if you're a beginner!

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BEST Plugins For After Effects 2022

If you're looking to add some extra effects to your video projects, After Effects plugins for VHS, text effects and other purposes can be a great way to do so. While After Effects comes with a wide range of built-in effects and tools, there are also thousands of plugins available from third-party developers. Whether you're looking for special effects, transitions, or something else entirely, there's likely a plugin that can help you get the job done. And best of all, many of these plugins are available for an extremely low price. So if you're looking to take your videos to the next level, be sure to check out some of these best free After Effects plugins.

1. 4200+ Element Pack - Best After Effects Extensions


This plugin by RoyalPixles let's you drag and drop custom transitions, text elements and titles onto any layer in After Effects! The best part is, these presets frequently update, so you'll never run out of new effects to use.

2. "I Want It All Bundle" - Includes After Effects Easing Plugin & MORE!

AEjuice i want it all bundle

The I want it all bundle includes absolutely EVERYTHING created by AEJuice. This includes every single plugin featured on this list. Before you say this isn't cheap, keep in mind that this pack includes over $8000 worth of plugins for just $299!

3. 3D Motion Photo Animator


Similar to Volumax or Photomotion, but a little easier to use and less resource consuming for your computer. This easy to use photo animator for After Effects can be downloaded entirely for free with your Motion Array subscription. To use this toolkit, simply use the masking tool to seperate the foreground, background and other layers, then use the 3D map tool to animate your own motion into the scene. You also have the option to add addition overlay elements that will embed themselves into the scene so they move correspondingly to camera motion.

4. SonduckFilms Template Pack (FREE)


The 42 FREE template pack by SonduckFilms has helped 100s of filmmakers and video editors worldwide with creating cool motion graphic animations for their videos. These templates by Sonduckfilms let's you create eye-catching graphic animations with a combination of 3D perspective transform animations. Take a look at the demo video to see what it can do and how it works.

5. NFT Constructor - Best After Effects plugins 2022 Winner!

NFT Constructor - Best After Effects plugins 2022 Winner!

One of the most popular after effects plugins, the NFT Constructor lets you convert any pre-existing media file into an NFT! This plugin also provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating cool graphics inside of After Effects. It includes a wide range of features such as text animations, particle emitters, and shape generators.

6. Broken Glass Lens FX

broken glass after effects plugin

This plugin by AEJuice allows you to quickly create realistic broken glass effects. It includes a variety of options for controlling the appearance of your glass shatter, and it supports export to a variety of popular formats.

7. Audio To Markers

after effects audio plugin

Audio To Markers is a helpful plugin that allows you to automatically convert your audio waveform into markers. It helps you to sync on-screen effects and elements to the beat of the music, making it perfect for gaming montages or edits. This plugin provides a host of useful features for creating sound-synced animations. It includes an interface which allows you to quickly and easily sync music.

8. Add Glow

after effects glow plugin

Similar to the After Effects real shadow plugin, Add Glow is a simple 1-function plugin that lets you add a fully customizable glow effect to your videos. This plugin provides a huge set of effect controls consisting of intensity, threshold and more.

9. Volumax 7


Here's another Adobe After Effects template bestseller on VideoHive. With over 24,000 downloads, Volumax 7 is a far more advanced version of the 3D photo animator mentioned at point 3 on this list. Volumax 7 has plenty of essential tools and features to create the most aesthetically pleasing photo animations possible. Priced at only $69, Volumax is also significantly less expensive than Photomotion 3D; another photo animation toolkit with similar capabilities.

10. Graphics Pack


Motioncan's mega graphic element pack contains 2250 elements designed to make your videos look more interesting. This pack is fully compatible with the free Motion Bro plugin which is included in the download. With over 24,000 users worldwide, this plugin is one of the most popular and versatile for all After Effects users. It doesn't matter what type of videos you create, this pack will definitely have something you'll find useful.

11. Prerender & Unprecomp

prerender after effects plugin

While there are thousands of different plugins available for After Effects, here is an essential plugin that every video editor or VFX artist should have. Prerender is a helpful tool which let's you replace existing clips with rendered clips in just one click. Unprecomp is another helpful tool which unfolds pre-comps in just one click. Un-precomp works great with other plugins such as 'flow' made by AEjuice. The flow plugin for After Effects is another greta plugin by AEjuice which didn't make this list, however it is another one of their popular single-function tools that they have available on their site. If you're looking for cheap after effects plugins, these two for you. Priced at only $9, they provide a lot of value for this low price.

12. Liquid Matte Transitions & Glitch Transitions

liquid glitch transition after effects plugin

The Liquid Matte transition plugin is perfect for creating realistic drag and drop matte transitions. This plugin is essential for creating liquid motion graphic effects with cartoon styling and/or with set matte. Similarly, the glitch transition bundle includes several uniquely crafted glitch effects which can be used on their own, or to introduce/transition between two or more clips in your frame.

13. Digital Screen Constructor

digital screen plugin after effects

Useful for so many different applications, the digital screen constructor plugin for After Effects let's you create and simulate realistic screens for all types of devices. If you want to make a scene where

App developers use this plugin to create promo videos for their apps by creating a video where their app is being used on a screen created by this plugin.

14. Radical Retro Elements

after effects retro elements plugin

The Radical retro elements pack and the VHS packs work hand in hand with each other. Using both packs, you can easily create 70s, 80s and 90s inspired retro themed videos for anything you like.

15. Cyberpunk Transitions & Elements!

cyberpunk transitions after effects

Search 'cyberpunk' for more related bundles.

The Cyberpunk bundle is a must-have for anyone who wants to add professional-looking cyberpunk elements and color grading to their projects. AE Juice created a series of Cyberpunk themed plugins for transitions, titles and other visual elements. The Cyberpunk packs are some of their most downloaded plugins and it's popular for a good reason. First of all, the effects included in these bundles are extremely difficult to replicate, and with these packs by AE Juice, you can create the same effects for your videos in just one click (or two)!

What Are After Effects Plugins?

Plugins are small pieces of software that add new features and tools to After Effects. While After Effects is a powerful tool for creating stunning visual effects, it can be a bit daunting to get started. However, once you get the hang of the basics, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to create complex effects. One of the best ways to expand your After Effects knowledge is to install new plugins.

2022 After Effects Plugins List

If you're looking to Buy After Effects Plugins, here are some of the most popular and helpful tools used by 1000s of video editors, motion designers and VFX artists in 2022! Ranging from text effects to fully fledged themed transition packs, these essential After Effects plugins will help you to create unique effects and visuals in no time! Best of all, they're easy to use, even if you're just a beginner.

Best Plugins For Adobe After Effects

These top plugins for After Effects are designed to help you edit better quality videos even faster. If you're having trouble progressing in video editing, buy plugins for after effects and see if it makes a difference. You'll probably notice that you edit your videos a lot faster and the final result looks better too. That's because cheap plugins for after effects can really help to accentuate your creativity by allowing you to apply and form new effects with ease.

Best After Effects Plugins (Free)

If you're looking for the best free ae plugins, you should check out our recent article where you can browse and download some of the BEST plugins by AEJuice. Best part is, they're all 100% free with no strings attached!

How To Install Plugins For Adobe After Effects?

Wondering how to install after effects plugins? It's simple. Once you download the plugin, simply extract it from it's folder and double click it to install. The installer will run through a few steps which will explain where the plugin will be installed. Just click next unless you want to make any changes. Once fully installed, the plugin will be ready to use once opened inside of After Effects.