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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Top 10 After Effects Plugins For Text Animation

Here are the top 10 best FREE After Effects Plugins For Text Animation. Downloading these plugins will allow you to animate, customize and create cool effects with text and typography inside of Adobe After Effects! Perfect for those who want to take their videos to another level with better typing effects.

January 18, 2023
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Adobe After Effects Text Animation Plugins

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite After Effects plugins for text animation. These plugins are easy to install and work great on their own or hand-in-hand with one another. These free after effects text plugins are perfect for creating unique animated texts and they come in various styles and colors. All these plugins downloads quickly and work in any recent version of After Effects on any computer for video editing. Unlike other plugins, none of the plugins listed here will slow down your computer in any way.

1-Click Text Animator - Includes Text Animation Effects

how to animate text in after effects 2020
Here's how to animate text in after effects 2020 and beyond

This text animation plugin by AE Juice let's you turn boring static text into cleanly animated typography in just one click! Simply drag and drop the animation from the plugin interface into your text layer. Included in each text animation is the animate-in and animate-out keyframes so you won't need to adjust them any further unless necessary. You can even adjust the speed and other properties if you don't like the original effect. You can also preview your clip to see what it looks like!

1250 Text Animation Presets + After Effects Text Animation Script

after effects text styles
After Effects text styles

Now that we’ve got our basic text animation after effects plugin ready, let’s make it look even better by customizing the keyframes. The 1250 mega text animation bundle has more text animations than the 1-clicktext animator plugin. This preset pack makes text animation become so simple, even a baby can do it! Although it isn't a plugin, it'll still definitely help with creating cool animated text inside of After Effects. You can use this template to animate text, words and even lines. the plugin includes 9 different directions which adjust themselves in real-time. There is also an automatic animation mode which can be further adjusted with speed controls and markers.

Text To Layers

after effects text animation presets free download
After Effects text animation presets free download

Text to layers let's you break up regular text lines into individual lines or characters. This plugin from AE Juice is really popular among those who create motion graphics as it helps them to separate text elements so they can be further edited and/or animated individually. This plugin is a must-have for those who want to create typography in After Effects. It really help to reduce the production time for repetitive actions.

To add more depth to the text, select the shape tool (S). Click once inside the text box to place the first shape. Then click again to place the second shape. Continue placing shapes until you feel satisfied with the effect. You can also use the color swatch tool (C) to quickly change the color of any selected object. Simply click on the color swatch icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up a palette where you can choose a new color.

Add Dynamic Text Box

after effects typography templates free download
After Effects typography templates free download

Click the button once to instantly generate a text box layer for your text content to sit within. Great for making logos, openers, intros or anything that needs text to be animated or adjusted within a shape layer. This one comes with detailed instructions so you won't need any design skills at all. It's perfect for creating eye-catching headlines, logos, and more. As a bonus, this tool also works with any languages, including Arabic.

Add Text Controls

after effects text animation plugins
One of the most popular After Effects text animation plugins

If you want to convert your text animations into MOGRT files quickly, then you should use the 'Add Text Controls' Plugin to help speed up the process. this plugin will let you create text controls in just one click, similar to the other plugins listed above, but specifically for adding expressions and other adjustments to your text layer. By using this plugin, you'll be able to create and alter these controls:

  • Colour
  • Position
  • Scale
  • Anchor Point
  • Rotation

You can ideally use these for social media lower thirds or even any typography project in general.

Kinetic Typography Generator

After Effects kinetic typography template
After Effects Kinetic Typography Template

Use these 10 free kinetic typography templates to create stunning text designs for your video. They're so easy to use so you don't need to be an experienced After Effects user to use this particular plugin. Kinetic typography uses motion to create text that looks like it's moving across a frame. It's an interesting way to add movement to a design without using animation. This plugin comes with several different styles of dynamic typography. You can choose between any different fonts and adjust the speed, resolution, text, colors and more. Bonus tip: some of the effect included in this plugin have work well when combined with other text and transition effect. Try introducing these kinetic typography layers into your composition scene with a glitch transition effect.

Glitch Kinetic Typography Generator

adobe after effects typography tutorial
You won't need an Adobe After effects typography tutorial when you have this plugin!

Similar to the regular kinetic typography generator, but for glitch styled text. This plugin adds RGB split, flickers, handwritten text effects and shape styles to your text layers to create a cyber glitch appearance. It works withing the AE Juice pack manager for both Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. the colors are fully adjustable along with the shape, text styles and other properties. The entire plugin features text animations which were created entirely with After Effects composition layers, so they're great for beginners.

Mega Titles Collection

free after effects text animation templates
Another popular free collection of After Effects text animation templates

The mega titles collection plugin is also another great text animation and motion graphics plugin created by AE Juice. this plugin let's you quickly and easily drag and drop customizable title templates into your composition with ease. Fully customizable and easy to use, these tiles work great for YouTube videos, commercials, promo videos, music videos, film intros, demonstrations, corporate videos and more! some of the titles includes also consist of text boxes which are fully dynamic so you only need to adjust the text and the surrounding box will re-scale and adjust it's position accordingly. The titles are fully responsive and only require basic a basic understanding of Adobe After Effects to use them. In fact, they even work in Adobe Premiere Pro with the included MOGRT file so you can use them anyhow you like!

That concludes our list of the best after effects animation plugins for 2022! For more FREE resources, check out our text animation section for templates and presets!