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Here's our collection of free Adobe After Effects templates, presets, scripts & add-ons for digital creatives. Browse & download 1000s of motion graphics and visual effects for FREE on this page! We've created these presets so you can quickly apply them to any project without having to spend hours creating new ones from scratch. These VFX resources are compatible with all versions of bove CC 2015. Start improving the quality of your post production in less time!

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Fastest & Easiest Way To Create Quality Content Inside of After Effects!

Tutorials, courses and other methods of learning video production inside of Adobe After Effects takes time and can be difficult to understand if you're a complete beginner. By using templates and presets, video editors are able to replicate premade effects and scenes instantly!

For templates, simply find and replace any placeholder footage with your own. As for presets, all you need to do is import the preset files into the Adobe After Effects presets folder, then drag and drop the preset you want to use. Depending on what the preset is for, you may also need to make some minor adjustments such as re-arranging keyframes and/or adjusting specific settings to better suit your media. If you're looking for a specific effect for after effects that isn't listed here, you can browse our other collections and contact us to make a request!

You can make all types of edits with After Effects using any of our free assets. You'll be amazed by what you can do with these premium quality tools. These After Effects resources include everything you need to make your next video project stand out from the rest! Especially if you're using them for YouTube or Social Media! They're packed with amazing visual effects which will help you bring your ideas to life! They're quick and simple to use and are compatible with all recent versions as After Effects. Simply  drop them into your After Effects composition and start using right away!

Free Visuals will soon become an After Effects plugin developer! Scripts & plugins provide functionality extensions which allows you to create new effects and composite video layers in new ways. Certain plugins can also assist in the video editing workflow by automating and making it easier to do difficult tasks inside of Adobe After Effects CC 2022.

Free Adobe After Effects Templates

If you're a video editor, motion designer or VFX artists, then you'll understand the significance of using templates. By using templates, you can save time on video editing and achieve a professional look consistently throughout all your projects. FreeVisuals uploads plenty of FREE Adobe After Effects templates which are available online for those who are just learning the software, and for those who are well-experienced. Simply download the project files and open them up inside of After Effects, then replace the placeholder text and/or footage with your own. Depending on the type and purpose of the template, you may also need to make some minor adjustments to make the original video better-suit your project. By using our FREE templates, you can take your project from dull to stunning with just a few clicks.

Adobe After Effects Project Files Free Download

Adobe After Effects can be used to create very complex and professional looking videos. But what if you're just a beginner? Or what if there is a certain type of visual that you need help with creating within a short time frame? That's where After Effects templates come in! By using templates and pre-made project files, After Effects users can quickly and easily replace placeholder elements such as text and video with their own assets prior to exporting and using as their own video. Another common way video editors use templates is by extracting elements from them and turning them into presets for future, repeated use. Templates can also be fully customized, so you can create something that's 100% unique!

Where Can I Get Free After Effects Templates?

FreeVisuals creates and sources plenty of FREE video editing templates for Adobe After Effects. On this page, you can find an assortment of presets, project files and templates made for Adobe After Effects. There are templates available for all types of videos. From titles to promo videos, we have something available for your video production needs. If you're looking for even more After Effects templates, there are plenty available online sites such as YouTube or video editing blogs. The top 5 most popular sources for AE templates are: VideoHive, MotionVFX, Envato Elements, AE Juice and Motion Array.