Top10 MOST Popular Sites To Buy After Effects Templates!

On this page, you can the most popular After Effects template websites for absolutely any type of video! We've compiled the 5 best sources for finding AE project files + our favorite templates on each site.

BEST Overall
4000 premiere pro transitions bundle

Best website for after effects templates.

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Low Price
Motion Array

Second best site for After Effects templates

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Largest Variety
Envato Elements

Second best site for After Effects templates

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Upcoming Star
adobe premiere pro plugin pack
Motion VFX

Unlimited stock AE templates

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If you're a video editor, motion designer or VFX artist, then you'll understand the significance of using templates. By using templates, you can save time on video editing and achieve a professional look consistently throughout all your projects. FreeVisuals uploads plenty of FREE Adobe After Effects templates which are available online for those who are just learning the software, and for those who are well-experienced. Simply download the project files and open them up inside of After Effects, then replace the placeholder text and/or footage with your own. Depending on the type and purpose of the template, you may also need to make some minor adjustments to make the original video better-suit your project. By using our FREE templates, you can take your project from dull to stunning with just a few clicks.

Cheap Adobe After Effects Templates Websites

Finding the ideal template for editing your video inside After Effects can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to find them. In this list we've compiled the top 5 most popular and highest rated websites where you can browse and download After Effects templates for creating all types of videos. From dynamic slideshows to fully-made intro sequences, you'll be able to find anything on these websites!

4000 premiere pro transitions bundle

VideoHive - Buy After Effects Projects

If you're looking for After Effects projects for sale, Videohive is a great resource. With over 635,738 assets available, you're sure to find a template to suit your needs- whether it's a music video template, transition effect pack, or anything in between. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always contact an author to request something. Videohive's team of talented VFX artists will work with you to create the perfect template for your needs.

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Download Cheap After Effects Templates On Motion Array

Motion Array has 1000s of premium After Effects templates which are available for you to download for just a small monthly fee of $16.

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Envato Elements - FREE For 7 Days, Then $16/Month

Similarly to Motion Array, Envato Elements also hosts 1000s of premium video templates for a small monthly fee of just $16.50! That's unlimited downloads for the same price as a large KFC zinger box!

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adobe premiere pro plugin pack

Motion VFX - Best Site For After Effects Templates

Used by professional youtubers such as MKBHD and thousands of other video professionals who work on Hollywood Films, large commercial projects and more! Motion VFX has plenty of After Effects Templates available for low prices.

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Bonus - FreeVisuals!

FreeVisuals creates and sources plenty of FREE video editing templates for Adobe After Effects. On this page, you can find an assortment of presets, project files and templates made for Adobe After Effects. There are templates available for all types of videos. From titles to promo videos, we have something available for your video production needs. If you're looking for even more After Effects templates, there are plenty available online sites such as YouTube or video editing blogs.

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Stomp 4 – Typographic Intro (FREE With Elements Subscription)


Create a professional opener or intro video with this Stomp 4 by Mnemonick. You can add your own images and videos and customize colors to suit your brand.

Stomp 4 is a typographic intro template for After Effects that allows you to create a dynamic and impactful opening for your video projects. The project file includes a range of text animation presets that allow you to create visually striking typography. It's easy to use, even if you're a beginner After Effects user and many of the effects in the template include adjustable parameters, allowing you to fine-tune the look and feel of the intro to suit your needs.

To use the Stomp 4 template in After Effects, you will need to purchase or download the template and install it in your copy of After Effects. Once it is installed, you can access the template by going to the Effects & Presets panel and searching for "Stomp 4." From there, you can apply the template to your composition by dragging and dropping it onto your footage in the timeline. You can then customize the template using the controls in the Effect Controls panel.

FREE After Effects Templates

If you're looking for After Effects templates that are 100% free, check out our free After Effects Template Page. Here you can browse 100s of premium quality templates for different types of videos which can be downloaded and used for free!

VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator (Cheap After Effects Template)


VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator is a plugin for After Effects that allows you to create 3D animations from 2D images. The plugin includes controls for adjusting the 3D depth of the animation, allowing you to create a sense of perspective and realism. You also have options for automatic camera movement, allowing you to create dynamic and engaging animations without having to manually adjust the camera.

What Are Cheap Templates For After Effects?

Cheap After Effects Templates such as VoluMax are pre-designed graphics and animations that are available at a lower price point than other templates. These templates can be used to create a range of visual effects, including transitions, text animations, and graphics. These low-cost templates for After Effects are often sold by independent designers or small businesses, and may not have the same level of polish or complexity as more expensive templates. However, they can still be a useful tool for video editors on a budget or for those who only need a simple effect for their project. With that being said, here are 5 of the best 'bang for your buck' value templates available in 2023!

Graphics Pack By MotionCan


Graphics Pack by MotionCan is a collection of pre-designed graphics and animations that can be used in video projects. It's also one of the all-time most downloaded items available on VideoHive - used by 1000s of video editors and post production professionals worldwide.

After Effects Templates Website

You can find Adobe After Effects Templates like this one on plenty of different websites. The best sources for more AE templates are Motion Array, Envato Elements & VideoHive.

Instagram Stories Big Pack


The 'Instagram Stories Big Pack" is a template which contains a set of pre-designed graphics and animations that you can use to create engaging content for your Instagram stories. By using this elements pack with Adobe After Effects, you can create professional-looking graphics and animations that are tailored to the unique format of Instagram stories. The best part is it's only $14! Making it one of the cheapest yet most versatile and valuable items available on VideoHive.

Videolancer Glitch Transitions


Videolancer Glitch Transitions is a collection of pre-designed glitch transitions for video editing software. These transitions can be used to add visual interest and excitement to your video projects, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

For an edgier and creative look, consider the using Videolancer's glitch transitions that features glitchy animations and transitions for a unique and dynamic feel. It's ideal for music videos, promotional videos, and more.

Final Thoughts On Free & Paid After Effects Templates

These After Effects templates offer a range of options to help you create professional and polished videos quickly and easily. The templates highlighted in this article are among the best available, covering a wide range of styles and themes. Whether you're creating a corporate video, a movie trailer, or a beauty vlog, there's a template that's perfect for you. Take advantage of these templates and elevate your videos to the next level.

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