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500+ BEST After Effects Transition Presets & Templates!

Here are over 500 After Effects transitions that will make your videos look like a middle school project (in the best way possible). These are the MOST popular Adobe After Effects transition presets, plugins & templates!

January 7, 2023
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Transitions For Adobe After Effects

If you're looking for the best Adobe After Effects transitions, then you've come to the right place. Transition effects for After Effects are a great way to add visual interest and fun effects into your videos. There are many different types of transitions available, from basic hyperzoom to more complex 3D slides with multiple layers. Transitions can be used to create a smooth, seamless look, as well as to add a bit of fun and excitement. With hundreds, if not thousands of transition packs out there, it can be tough to decide which ones are worth the money and which ones aren't. With that being said, here are the top 5 most popular transition bundles available for After Effects. Whether you're looking for a motion graphic visuals or a more complex styles such as glitches and sci-fi visuals, these transition bundles will have something for you!

VideoLancer After Effects Transition Pack


With over 40,000 users as of September 2022, the VideoLancer transition pack is by far the most downloaded pack on this list. These unique After Effects transitions give your footage a more modern high FPS look, complete with different variations of smooth transform motions. Simply drag and drop them onto your footage, and they're ready to use.

Cyberpunk Transitions By AEJuice


As it's name implies, this preset gives your footage a cyberpunk them, perfect for giving your project a  sci-fi look.

25 Extreme Transitions By By Animark


One of our personal favorites is the extreme transition pack by Animark. Included in this pack are 25 unique 'twitch' transitions which are made entirely within After Effects with no external plugins. They're easy to use and customize for any type of video!

M Transition Light - Exclusive After Effects Transitions Pack


Another bestseller on the Motion VFX platform. The mTrasniton Light contains 100 drag-and-drop light transitions which are perfect for scenes shot outdoor.

800 Fresh Transitions


Finally, we have the 800 transition bundle from an author on Envato Elements. This creative transition pack has the capabilities to give your footage a smooth camera swoosh look, as if it was created by a professional motion designer. It's perfect for giving your project a unique and professional feel.

Adobe After Effects Transition Ideas

If you're looking for some ways to incorporate creative transitions into your video in After Effects, these preset packs and plugins have what you're looking for! With a combined total of over 5000 unique and customizable transitions, if you want to make your edits stand out, simply drag and drop the transitions from these packs, then customize them to better suit your video.

How To Add Transitions In After Effects 2022

Once you download a transition plugin for After Effects, simply open the installation wizard to install the plugin into After Effects. If it's a preset bundle, you'll need to manually drag and drop or copy and paste the preset from the downloaded folder and into the After Effect user preset directory. Once opened inside of After Effects, simply drag the transition preset from the plugin window or effects panel (if manually imported) amnd place it onto any layer in your composition timeline. yopu many need to make further keyframe or effect properly adjustments for the transition to match your video editing style/theme.