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Video Transition For adobe After Effects

Since it's creation, Adobe After Effects is still one of the most powerful VFX compositing and video editing programs ever made. The Software consists of many high-quality tool and effect that are used in modern day video production. Regardless of how powerful the standalone softwares is, your video capabilities depend on your skills also! By using presets, you can easily replicate effects made by the pros, and best of all, they're easy to use over and over again! In this list, we'll go over 10 of the most popular and helpful transition packs. At the bottom of the article there is also a link to find 100s more preset packs for After Effects transitions!

1600 Transitions


This pack includes over 1600 unique transitions with easy to use drag-and-drop functionality. Featuring 30 different categories of transitions, you'll definitely find something useful in this bundle!

800 FRESH Transitions


Over 800 creative transitions made using various effects, not just transform and motion blur!

25 Extreme Transitions


This bundle by Animark contains 25 'glitchy' transitions made using twitch motion blur and fast movements.

Cyberpunk Transitions


These sci-fi inspired futuristic transitions are made up of glitch elements and transform keyframes. This pack was made by AEJuice back in 2021, yet it's popularity still remains the same today! That's because with frequent updates, there's always something new being added to this pack. Best thing about this pack is that it comes with the AEJuice pack manager for FREE! If you like this pack, you should also consider downloading AEJuice's entire Cyberpunk bundle or the 'I want it all' bundle which includes over $8000 worth of plugins for just $199!

Videolancer's Transitions | Original Seamless Transitions Pack


One of the all-time most purchased packs on VideoHive! This transition bundle by VideoHive features over 2300 unique transitions bundled in a simple to use plugin that allows you to drag and drop effects on to any layer with no further adjustment! You can use these transitions alongside cartoon/motion graphic elements as well!

+1000s Of More Video Transition Presets For Adobe After Effects!

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There are so many transition packs available today that we can't fit them all on one list. Check out more free and paid transitions for After Effects from the 5 major sources listed above.