FXhome Review 2024 - MUST Read Before Downloading

Find out why you must NEVER download Hitfilm or Ignite prior to trying the free version first! In this review, we'll go over the features of FXhome's products. We'll also compare Hitfilm & Ignite to the Adobe equivalent - Photoshop & After Effects.

April 10, 2024
FXhome Review 2024 - MUST Read Before Downloading
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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2023 FXhome Reviews

FXhome is a highly intuitive and user-friendly software application designed to streamline video editing, image manipulation, and special effects. With an impressive suite of tools, it caters to both novice YouTubers and seasoned professionals seeking to achieve cinematic quality.

In this comprehensive review, we explore the features, workflow, pricing, and website layout of FXhome. From its advanced editing capabilities to its easy-to-use interface, we dive into the software's strengths and potential limitations, giving you a detailed overview of what FXhome has to offer.

What Is FXhome?

FXhome is similar to Adobe, It's the developer behind two very useful softwares.

At its core, FXhome comprises two separate apps: HitFilm and Imerge. Each app serves a unique purpose, providing users with a diverse range of tools and capabilities to suit their specific needs. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding content creator, FXhome has something for everyone.

Recently acquired by Artlist, FXhome has undergone some exciting updates, including the addition of stock music, sound effects, and templates to the video editor. This new feature ensures that users have access to a vast library of high-quality resources, making it easier than ever to create visually stunning content.

With a wide range of best-in-class templates, stock media, and royalty-free music, FXhome offers a powerful storytelling toolkit that can take your projects to the next level. Its vast media library is suitable for any type of production, ensuring that you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.


  • Support for up to 8K video resolution.
  • Easier to use than After Effects & Premiere Pro
  • It's literally FREE!
  • Almost has the same capability as After Effects
  • A vibrant creative community of over 6.8 million active members.
  • Built-in educational walkthrough videos to help users get started quickly.
  • The option to purchase a lifetime license, providing 12 months of updates and support.


  • Missing some features that After Effects has such as compatibility with most plugins
  • HitFilm only integrates with Artlist, not Artgrid.
  • No free trial is available for the Pro version.
  • HitFilm may not be as powerful as other industry-standard software programs such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Pricing + Features Of Each Plan

If you're just getting started with video editing, you'll be pleased to know that FXhome offers a free plan that won't cost you a dime. For those who require more advanced features, the Pro plan is available for just $9.99 per month. However, it's important to note that these prices are currently on special offer, representing a 20% discount from their eventual regular prices.

Free Version

For those looking to test the waters with FXhome, the Free plan is an ideal starting point. However, if you're a professional looking to create truly impactful video content, you'll find the limitations of this plan to be too restrictive.

Free Features

The Free plan offers access to HitFilm Free software, allowing you to export unlimited videos of up to HD resolution. Additionally, you'll have access to a modest selection of assets, including 10 songs, 25 sound effects, and 5 templates. And best of all, this plan won't cost you a dime - ever.

Creator Plan (Recommended)

If you're an amateur or beginner video editor, the Creator plan could be the right fit for you. This plan offers advanced image and video editing tools to help take your content to the next level. Additionally, FXhome's premium customer support includes an expansive FAQ section and priority ticket handling to ensure you get the assistance you need.

Creator Plan Features

  • HitFilm Creator
  • Imerge Creator
  • Unlimited exports up to 4K UHD
  • 100 songs
  • 100 sound effects
  • 25 templates
  • Premium support

Pro Plan

If you're a professional video editor, the Pro plan is the perfect choice for you. With FXhome Pro, you'll have unrestricted access to all the software's features, tools, and capabilities.

Pro Plan Features

  • HitFilm Pro
  • Imerge Pro
  • Mocha HitFilm
  • BorisFX 3D Objects
  • Foundry 3D Camera Tracker
  • Unlimited exports up to 8K
  • 200 songs
  • 200 sound effects
  • 50 templates
  • Premium support

Perpetual Plans Are Currently Available Too

If you're interested in a longer commitment, FXhome also offers 12-month plans that are currently referred to as "legacy" plans. These plans may not be available for much longer, so they're an excellent option for those who need multiple licenses or want to renew existing software.

What is Hitfilm?

Artlist Hitfilm (previously known as Hitfilm Express & Hitfilm Pro prior to being acquired by Artlist), is a powerful video editing software that has similar features as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The interface is a lot more different than DaVinci Resolve but it is similar to DaVinci in terms of functionality As well. This video editor can export videos in 8K resolution, boasts 8-times faster playback speed, 2-times faster exporting speed, and supports 32-bit color depth, making it an impressive tool for visual creators.

For those who are only just discovering this program, HitFilm Express (AKA Hitfilm 4 Express when it became popular in 2017) was a popular free video editing tool designed by FXHome, which garnered a large following among amateur and semi-pro video editors, particularly YouTubers. It was even included in our list of favorite free video editing software.

Hitfilm Review (FXhome Video Editor)

One of the standout features of this video editor is its built-in presets for color grading, transitions, and text. You can also create your own custom presets. We found the transitions to be user-friendly compared to other online video editors, some of which have complicated controls or even require video splitting to add transitions.

Similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, which has an integrated library of Adobe Stock assets, HitFilm provides access to a library of stock music, sound effects, and templates available at Artlist.

We were particularly impressed by the motion tracking capabilities of this software. It worked smoothly, although it sometimes had difficulty tracking less obvious objects. However, this is a problem that we have also encountered with most other video editors.

Other notable features that stood out for us were keying, which can change the background and fix edges in green screen footage, and the ability to add lighting and lens flares. It is important to use these features sparingly, however. You can also easily add text (titles, subtitles) and sync audio with one button click.

What is Imerge pro?

Imerge Pro is the ultimate solution for creating composite images that demand the highest quality in the industry. As the world's first raw image compositor, it boasts layer-based compositing capabilities that allow for the most precise and intricate image combinations possible. And the cherry on top? Imerge Pro performs at astonishingly fast speeds, even when working with high resolution images thanks to its use of the GPU.

With a full toolkit at your disposal, you can expertly create composite images for a range of applications. And what's even more impressive is that Imerge is a comprehensive RAW editing application, seamlessly integrating the benefits of a RAW workflow with intuitive and interactive image compositing.

Jack Wright says: "I can confidently say that Imerge Pro is a game-changer in the industry. This revolutionary software has set a new standard for raw image compositing, thanks to its cutting-edge layer-based compositing capabilities. With Imerge Pro, I can easily combine images in 16-bit color space to achieve unparalleled image quality that's simply unmatched by any other tool out there."

Imerge Review

Imerge Pro is a must-have for anyone seeking an efficient and user-friendly image compositor. Its built-in chroma-key tool is a game-changer as it makes removing green screen backgrounds a breeze, while adding a custom image behind your subject. It even matches the new color, so your results look more realistic and professional.

While it may not be as powerful as Lightroom or Photoshop, Imerge Pro is easier to learn and less demanding on your system specs. And at an affordable $9.99 per month, it's a steal for any photo editor or hobbyist looking to up their game.

But that's not all! Imerge Pro's 16-bit color depth and support for RAW files with 38 filters, including color correction, dehaze, and clarity, make it a powerful and versatile tool. And don't worry about making mistakes - Imerge Pro is a non-destructive image editor, so all changes you make are reversible.

Who Should Use Ignite & Hitfilm?

FXhome products are suitable for anyone who needs an 8K video editor that performs well even on low-spec devices and/or an image editor that can do chroma-key and other basic and advanced edits. This includes amateurs, freelancers, students, and also more seasoned video editors who know their way around object tracking, 3D editing, and green screens. Hitfilm is also great for those who want a software that is capable of both VFX and video editing.

In terms of age group, both Ignite and Hitfilm are suitable for anyone who is interested in video editing. Whether you're a teenager or a retiree, as long as you have an interest in creating videos, you can use either software to achieve your goals. As for occupation, Ignite is ideal for content creators, YouTubers, and social media managers who need to create eye-catching visuals for their audience. Hitfilm, on the other hand, is great for filmmakers, video production companies, and other professionals who need a more advanced video editing and VFX software for their work.


Is fxhome safe?

All companies under the Artlist umbrella, including FXhome, are completely safe to use. With FXhome, you can edit your videos and images with peace of mind knowing you're in good hands.

Is hitfilm express safe?

Yes, HitFilm Express is a safe and legit software that boasts a user base of over 5 million across 160 countries.

Does FXhome free have a watermark?

No, none of the versions of Hitfilm have a watermark when you export. In an older version of Hitfilm, If you chose to use paid features on the free version, it may have had a small Hitfilm logo in the corner.

Is HitFilm Express still free?

Yes, there currently is and always will be a free version of Hitfilm for all the editors on a budget. It's completely free to download and use - forever. With no time limit or watermark restrictions, you can take your time to perfect your edits without any pressure or financial burden.

Is HitFilm similar to After Effects?

With a timeline and layer-based interface that's similar to After Effects, Hitfilm is designed to replicate the same type of videos made on AE. And best of all, the UI is fully customizable, so you can make it your own (just like After Effects)

HitFilm also supports the same export formats as After Effects, and with support for 8K quality, you might as well just use Hitfilm instead of AE if you're on a budget.

What YouTubers use HitFilm?

Here are some of the popular YouTuber who use Hitfilm to edit their videos.

  • Corridor Digital
  • 4G Media
  • Film Riot
  • Rocket Jump
  • D4Darius
  • Surfaced Studio

There are definitely a lot more out there who use Hitfilm but don't mention it.

Is FXhome actually free?

Yes, the free plan is literally free and has no strings attached, that's why so many editors start off with it.