50+ Free After Effects Transition Presets

Browse and download FREE after effects transitions to improve the quality of your video! Simply drag and drop these high quality AE transitions onto your video layer and adjust the keyframe duration and easing to your preference.

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AE Transition Presets

These Adobe After Effects Transitions will help you edit videos faster and make them look more professionally edited. Each preset utilizes common effects such as motion tile and the regular transform properties of each layer. Special transition ideas such as the after effects glitch transition, hyperzoom, jelly wave, and party glow incorporate external effects to create fun, creative looking transitions. Despite the differences in effects used to create transitions, all transitions follow the same principle to hide the seam between two or more video clips. The dominant effect properties (i.e. brightness, threshold, scale etc.) in an effect should deform the transitioning frame enough to hide the jump cut when the video is being played back. The motion curve in the graph editor should also eased in such a way that the value increases rapidly as it approaches the cut between the two clips. The exact amount of easing required is up to the editor's personal preference and taste depending on the video style.

Free Video Transitions

If you're looking for a smooth zoom transition free preset and transitions of other effects, then you've found the right page! Here you can find plenty of free transition presets for Adobe After Effects. We include a wide variety of human-made transitions in after effects which can be used by any newer version of Adobe After Effects (CC2015 and above). If you would like to contribute your own After Effects presets and promote your brand/service on FreeVisuals, please contact us.